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The California Newspaper Microfilm Archive (CNMA) is the single largest collection of newspaper microfilm for the Golden State. It comprises approximately 100,000 reels for titles published between 1846 and the present. It includes film that the CBSR acquired from Data MicroImaging Company, Custom Microfilm Systems, Inc., BMI Imaging Systems (aka Bay Microfilm, Inc.), Wave Publishing, and film provided by the California State Library. Part of the acquisition has been made possible through generous support from the Haynes Foundation, the Ahmanson Foundation, Rivera Library at the University of California, Riverside, and the California State Library.

A searchable database of all the titles in the CNMA will be available for public use in late 2009. In the interim, users can browse much of the archive through the BMI catalog available here. Keep in mind that there are a number of titles not listed in this catalog and that the CBSR did not acquire all titles that are listed. Users may also want to search the BMI, Data and Custom databases found in 'Additional Resources' as these in-house processing databases contain a number of titles that are not listed in the BMI catalog. For any questions about available titles, please email cbsrinfo@ucr.edu.

Please note that all the reels in the CNMA are master negatives. As such, they may not be loaned, including through interlibrary loan, nor can they be copied to reproduce individual articles or issues. A master negative reel may only be duplicated in its entirety to create a working positive copy. Information on ordering duplicate positives of any title is available from the main menu.

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