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The Catálogo Colectivo de Impresos Latinoamericanos hasta 1851 (CCILA), when complete, will provide digital access (image and text) to all Latin American imprints to 1851. It is a large-scale cooperative effort, designed to involve every library in Europe, the Americas, or the Philippines possessing relevant materials. As a union catalog, CCILA will include records for all surviving letterpress material printed in Latin America and the Philippines. As a bibliography, it will also provide as complete a census of surviving copies as possible. CCILA will also list hard-copy and microform facsimiles. Public access to CCILA will be provided through the Research Libraries Information Network (RLIN). Distribution through CD-ROM is also planned.

Phase One of CCILA is based on keyed versions of all relevant bibliographies, and many library catalogs. The initial file includes approximately 60,000 entries and holdings from nearly 500 libraries.

Phase Two is focused on expanding Phase One through cooperation with a variety of relevant institutions around the world. These institutions are providing us with data in every possible format, from ancient manuscript catalogs and card files to extractions from OPACS, CD-ROMs, and other electronic media.

Concurrently with Phases One and Two, the Director of CBSR has also undertaken a series of visits to libraries to solicit the widest possible representation and participation. To date he has visited libraries throughout Latin America as well as North America and Europe.

As part of the effort to recover the print heritage of Latin America and to make it digitally accessible, CBSR has established a joint program with the Gale Group to identify existing microfilm sets and to distribute them. Gale will provide sets of machine-readable records extracted from CCILA to enable each library acquiring a set to provide access to its readers through its own OPAC. Gale will film items not currently available in microfilm and will distribute them in the same manner.

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